You may choose to get assistance with any of the listed resource intensive and/or time sensitive recruitment components. Or you may also contract out the entire recruitment project to ISO so that you focus on managing your company while we work on recruiting the best for you.

ISO’s Offered Services:


At the beginning of your recruitment we offer our expertise on:

Philippine immigration and labor and other possible legal concerns
Credential Verification

At the height of your recruitment we can be your:

Special Recruitment Activity
Pre-Medical Examination
Documentary Preparation Assistance
Processing (with pertinent government bodies) Assistance
Deployment (ticketing and pre-departure) Assistance

Finally to ensure your satifaction on the quality of our Filipino workers we offer:

Performance Evaluation

Work ethics and professionalism are values emphasized throughout the ISO recruitment program. Aslo unique to us is that prior to deployment we provide in-house work values seminar to ensure that we send you not only the most competent but also the most commited.