Industrial Meat Cutter and De-boner for Canada


  • Three (3) years WORKING EXPERIENCE as Meat Cutter/Butcher and De-boner from an “AAA or AA” Meat Processing Plants
  • At least High School Graduate (able to understand and communicate in English)
  • Not more than 46 years old
  • With valid Philippine Passport with 2 years minimum validity
  • NBI Clearance with remark “No Record On File”
  • SSS Records (Personal Information, Premium Contribution and Employment History)
  • Will undergo and pass rigid physical examination, At least 5’5″ for Male; 5’2″ for Female

For qualified applicants, please submit/send the following requirements fastened in a long folder to the Recruitment Officer at ISO’s office:

  1. Filled out ISO Template Resume
  2. Copy of Employment Certificate
  3. Copy of Training Certificates (if any)
  4. Copy of Diploma or Transcript of Records
  5. Copy of NBI Clearance
  6. Copy of Passport
  7. Copy of SSS Records

Compensation: Starting hourly rate of $12.65 CAD

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